How to Waist Train Effectively? (#3 is the most important step)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to waist training. Or you’ve finally decided to get serious about it after much contemplation. These tips will tell you best waist trainer benefits and how to waist train effectively.

There’s plenty of talk going around about waist training. And how it works to tone the body, giving it the perfect hourglass shape. If you want that, here’s how you can waist train without hurting yourself.

How to Waist Train Effectively

  1. Fit and size
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Just like sports bras with non removable pads, not all waist trainers will fit you. Even if it’s the size you want to fit in. You have to get realistic about the fit and size of a waist trainer. By taking into consideration your body type, height, and weight.

Women want to get rid of their muffin top with waist training. And so they choose to buy the smallest size possible. All this does is squeeze your abdominal muscles. Not to forget, this will harm your internal organs too.

What you need is the best shapewear for muffin top of the right size.

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  1. Don’t wear it for too long

Maybe you know someone who likes to wear her waist trainer all day. Even so, you need to take baby steps. Buying a good waist trainer requires you to take it slow. The boning and padding of the trainer must adapt to your body.

So you need to break the waist trainer in. It’s the same as breaking in a new pair of shoes. For example, let’s say you’re buying the best waist trainer for short torso. This type of waist trainer has a liner.

So that it doesn’t feel too stiff, you shouldn’t wear it for too long. Keep it on for an hour on the first day. So that the material and boning can understand your body.

You can begin tightening or adjusting the fit of the trainer. Only after 4-7 days of trial wear!

  1. Pair it up with exercising

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Don’t expect results just by wearing a waist trainer. Do abdominal and core strengthening exercising. Only then is waist training effective.

Chances are you’ll see even better and faster results. People talk about how to waist train effectively. But they often side-step a dedicated exercise regimen. Mind you, waist training, alone will not shape and tone your body.

A healthy diet containing proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins are essential. As is regular exercise and proper sleep.

Below are a few abdominal exercises you can do to improve your chances.

  • Leg Raises

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Leg raises are best done on a yoga mat. Lie down flat on your back. With both your hands resting on either side. Keep both legs straight with feet flexed. Slowly raise both legs keeping them straight. Stop until your butt comes off the ground.

Lower both legs, at the same speed, and let them float an inch above the floor. This completes one rep. Do 10-15 reps of leg raises with your waist trainer on.

  • Ab Cross Crawl

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This is the ultimate core strengthening and fat-burning workout. Crawling targets your core muscles while toning the muscles effectively. Do you want to know how to waist train effectively? Then this is what you need to be doing.

Start by getting on all of your fours like in a plank position. Bend your right knee and bring it closer to the right elbow. As you move your leg forward, walk your left hand forward.

Directly after, bring your left knee closer to the left elbow. And move your right hand forward. Forming the perfect crawling position to target your abdominal muscles.

  • Wall Sit

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You can do this exercise with or without a ball. You can place the ball between the knees. Making sure they press into the ball for stability and balance.

Press your back toward a wall and walk both feet away from the wall. Slide your upper body down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your back is pressing against the wall.

Fold both hands in front of your chest. Keep arms and hands away from your legs.

You can hold this position for as long as you can. If you’re doing this exercise with a ball, keep pressing the ball in between the knees.

  1. Always Wear a Larger Size

If you’re in between two sizes, always go for the bigger one. This is because waist training in a tighter size can do more harm than good. It causes your organs to shift inside. Pushing the upper organs upwards. And the lower organs are pushed downwards.

Such abdominal pressure can cause food intolerance, increased heartburn, and other issues.


Now you know how waist training can affect your body. And also how to waist train effectively. Do you want an hourglass shape or toned abs? If so, holding on to a good waist trainer is not a bad option.

All it takes is to wear a waist trainer for a couple of hours. And exercise correctly to get you a healthier and toned body. So why not learn how to waist train effectively right away!






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