How To Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again – The Best Tips For You!

Every woman loves wearing an attractive dress and wowing people. Nobody wants such a great moment to turn into a nightmare because of fallen cups.

We know you always expect your sticky bra to remain at the stickiness level like new regardless of being used many times. Suppose you want your bra to be as tacky as it used to be but don’t know how to make sticky bras sticky again; what will be the solution?

This post will find the optimal solution with detailed instructions and tricks to help achieve your goal. Keep reading!

How Do You Define Sticky Bras?

You may combine various outerwear styles with these special bras. Additionally, several styles have drawstrings or clasps to increase your breasts’ cleavage level. Others are a piece of paste covering the nipples.

So why are these types of bras popular, and exactly what are they?

The material of these bras normally is silicone, while some of them are undershirts made from fabric in usual bras.

Sticky bras are worn with those tops or dresses having backless or strapless designs to make the overall appearance look great. The convenient bras’ cups with self-stick function can become invisible behind flimsy clothing.

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While the construction of silicone bras is smooth and seamless, these fabric bras can have a better-lifting effect. Its paste is typically a kind of fashionable or skin-compatible glue that will be safe for your skin.

How To Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again?

You can last the bra’s life by washing and drying it in the correct methods. To keep their stickiness when using for the following days, ensure your breasts are dry and clean.

Additionally, remember to remove all things below before wearing the adhesive bras:

  • The oils such as fragrance, lotion, etc.
  • Extra moisture, especially after taking a bath, by drying with a soft cloth or clean towel.

If you desire your adhesive to stick again in one second, using boob tape or double-sided tape can be a fast solution because the tape is useful if your adhesive bra is old and the stickiness level decreases. However, it is useless to stick on your body or other clothes.

What Are The Methods To Clean A Sticky Backless Bra?

There are several disposable bras, meaning you can not use them over and over again due to fade-over-time adhesiveness, especially those bras made from inferior materials.

Below are useful steps to clean an adhesive bra regardless of its material:

  • Gently rinse the sticky side with a little hand soap in warm water. Pay attention to strong detergent to avoid ruining the adhesive.
  • Wash the bra in warm water and make sure both cups are flat after each use.
  • Shake your bra continuously until it dries after rinsing.
  • Get rid of the excess soap from your bra cups with water.
  • Only wash the bra manually. Use your fingers to eliminate all the debris clinging to it, such as oil or sweat.

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When washing or cleaning your bras, you don’t do some things below:

  • Scrub your bra with a brush, sponge, and fingernails.
  • Soak it for more than 3 mins.
  • Scrub the bra strongly with two hands.
  • Put it into the washing machine.

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How To Dry A Sticky Bra?

You can’t use your adhesive bra after washing if it isn’t still dry. Therefore, we will introduce the best solution to protect it after its cleaning!

Do’s: Let’s refer to the drying ways:

  • Lay your bra somewhere flat, and the adhesive side is facing up. Wait for it to dry overnight, but you can let air dry it longer if you think it may need more time.
  • Suppose you have still kept the initial packaging, which you can place on your bra with the stick facing up. Then, wait for it to dry.

Don’ts: You need to wear your adhesive bra immediately but it still gets wet. An idea that seems great coming to you suddenly is using a towel or a hairdryer.

Wait for a second!

This idea sounds rather smart but, indeed, is not alright. Remember to avoid drying your bra with any type of dryer because it can decrease the adhesiveness level. Even you may throw it. You also select another outfit fitting you perfectly!

Pro Tip: Sometimes, you can’t get the cups out of your breast, especially when wearing your bra all day, because it has got stuck, and it isn’t easy to take the cups off. Therefore, a warm bath or shower will be a good solution.

How To Keep Sticky Bras?

Your adhesive bras have to be washed right after use. Recently, if you have bought this bra, let’s refer to the following video about how to remove and wear an adhesive bra:

The video presents a good way to wear and take your bra off after using it, but there is no instruction on how to store it. As written before, we had better clean the bras after using and before retaining them.

Besides, store the bra far away from your clothes, towel, and lingerie or somewhere that the lint and dirt can not cling to it.


It seems to be relatively difficult for your first maintenance and care, but after some use, you can be fluent in finishing the process and only spend a few minutes to complete it.

If your bras are cared for properly, their life can last about 50-80 times, differing according to the style and brand.

We hope you can find “How To Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again?” informative and insightful. Stay tuned to our next article!

Thank you for reading!


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