Sports Bra Swim Top – Can It Work?

The fashion world is constantly evolving, and one of the most recent trends is using a piece of clothes for multi-purposes.

It seems like an appropriate choice for women to put on sports bras while swimming, especially if the goal was eventually going from an underwater workout into yoga or running. But whether there’s any advantage or disadvantage to using a sports bra as a swim top?

A sports bra is not just for working out. It can be a great piece to dress in when you are going on an excursion or vacation that involves swimming. But how exactly do they work?

Well, this article will tell you all about what you need to know about sports bra swim top.

How Can A Sports Bra Work As A Swim Top?

You may be thinking if it is possible to wear your favorite sports bra as a bikini top. Technically, you can, but there are some features that you should keep in mind.

Below are some things that a good-quality bra will have so it’s just right for any activity, especially swimming.

Strap Formation

Your athletic bra is a big factor when you are in the water. You need one with a suitable strap so that you can comfortably swing back and forth while splashing around in the water. Or else it will make things uncomfortable on top of being bad for your suit.

You should get either a cross-back or racerback one, which you can easily adjust, so they don’t stay tight across your shoulders all day long.

Suitable Fabric

If you want to wear a sports bra to go to the beach, it is important to make sure the fabric is safe while you’re in the water. If it is made of heavy padded materials or has an inappropriate fabric for water activity, then you shouldn’t wear it.

The best way to avoid compromising your comfort when swimming is by using a comfortable, lightweight workout bra. It will make you feel at ease in the water. You should buy a good quality product that is quick-drying and has thin fabric.

Wear And Tear

Whether it is a bikini top or a workout bra, it’s important to make sure you’re buying the right product for your needs.

Look for a workout bra that offers higher support and security than regular ones for swimming purposes. Remember to check the materials used within these types because some of them can’t stand up against chemicals in the pool.


The best workout bras are made of low-rust materials, so they can stay looking good for a long time. If you want to put it on like a bikini top, then your bra’s hook and eye should be waterproof and coated.

It would be best to avoid those that might get rusty because this will make you feel uncomfortable in your suit. Rusted metal is not just ugly, but it also poses serious risks to your health.

Advantages Of Wearing Sports Bra For Swimming

It is no secret that athletic bras are essential for workouts like running or aerobics. But what about doing water activities? Contrary to popular belief, wearing a workout bra while swimming can provide several advantages over going without one. Now we will explore the benefits of it over the regular bikini.


Athletic bras are much more supportive than a regular bikini top. It is a great way to get support while staying in the pool, especially when you need it the most.

Whether your breasts are large or small, they will never fall out during intense moments in water because they stay tight around those tender mounds of yours.

Very Comfortable

Gymnastics bras are a must-have for any woman who exercises. The supportive cups help you stay comfortable, and they come in many different styles to suit your needs! All-around comfort is ensured thanks to its stretchy plastic construction.

Different from bikini tops, these materials give more than adequate shape emphasis so you can avoid pain.

Comes With Many Designs

Sports bras are no longer boring and unattractive. These days, most brands have designed beautiful and comfortable pieces that can make them comparable in style, like bikini tops.

Source: Hippopx

Disadvantages Of Wearing Sports Bra for Swimming 

While putting on a sports bra instead of a bikini when swimming may seem like a good idea in theory, there are some major downsides to consider before making the switch.

Dries Slower

The best swimwear is a suit that can dry quickly. After swimming, a wet one will make it heavy and uncomfortable to dress in for any activity. The wet material will chafe against the skin and make you feel like there is no ventilation in the top of this garment at all.

So, think twice before using an athletic bra in the water.

Prone To Damage

Sports bras are great at absorbing body sweat, but they won’t do much good when you’re in the ocean. Seawater is not ideal for wearing gymnastics bras because it combines with natural moisture from sweating which leaves those items useless after just one session.

Source: Nimagens


The answer to whether or not you can use your sports bra as a bikini depends on how comfortable and secure it makes you feel. If you don’t mind tan lines, then, by all means, put them on.

Athletic bras serve the same purpose of supporting breasts in any activity, including swimming. So this would mean that these items have been tailored more specifically for our needs.

With all the information mentioned in this article, we hope you can decide if wearing a gymnastics bra as a top is right for your needs. Some people have found it very comfortable, while others prefer to stick with their bikini swimsuits. The decision is up to you.

At last, it ultimately comes down to what’s most important for you – your comfort.

Thank you for reading this “sport bra swim top” article, and we will see you soon!


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