"Better Together" Part 1

A few months ago when my sidekick Jeanna of Jeanna Hayes Studios told me she had an idea that had literally been keeping her up at night, well I knew it must be something big.  Indeed it was.  And that's when "YOUR DAY IN A NEW WAY" was born.

So you might be wondering what "YOUR DAY IN A NEW WAY" is all about. Well it's a stylized photo session celebrating your love story and years together.  It's meant to be a special tribute to your special day, however it is you choose to make it so.

Instantly smitten with Jeanna's new concept for a shoot and with our 12 year wedding anniversary just around the corner, I knew this was just the way I wanted to celebrate a dozen delightful years together (even if I had less than 2 weeks to pull it all together!).  Thankfully my groom was down with the idea too.

It was important to me to style the shoot in a way that was truly us.  I didn't just want a pile of pretty, but rather details and special touches that were genuine reflections of the life we've built together.  And so it was that every.single.detail had a story or reason behind it and out of that the theme "Better Together" was born.  We had details that were "HIS" and details that were "HERS" and when paired together, a unique expression of us shined through.

Now, I have to admit that posting a bazillion photos from such a personal project is something that's not all that easy for me...but the reason here is two fold.  First, it may be a way for me to show a more personal side of myself (something that is usually uncomfortable for me to do on a public platform!)  and secondly, maybe it will inspire someone else to capture their own love story on camera, or who knows maybe even someone will get a styling idea or two for an upcoming event.

I've decided to break up all the images into 2 separate posts...and vow to never show this many photos of my husband and I ever again!!!

Today I will share images of STATIONERY + SWEETS
And the next post will include images of DECOR + SPECIAL DETAILS

Being a graphic designer, I couldn't wait to design something that I'd actually want to send out today.  Aside from the "Better Together" motif, I also wanted to convey a classic love story vibe throughout the shoot.  Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic!  Anyhow, it all had to start by setting the tone with a unique invitation. The actual invitation and enclosures were tucked into the inside cover of a book - a love story, of course.  I hand painted the edges of the book with gold paint, wrapped a gold foiled patterned paper onto the spine, and found a vintage bookplate for the cover. I also wrapped the entire ensemble with a "HIS & HERS" presentation.  Big secret who the gold polka dot wrap job belongs to!

"HIS" / "HERS"  &  "OURS"

+ For the cakes - "HIS” flavor was dark chocolate, “HERS” was vanilla and “OURS” was a blend of both flavors – milk chocolate

+ We are big sandwich lovers, and based on that notion, we think the ultimate "Better Together" sandwich is a classic PB & J

+ We also love sweets (clearly 3 wedding cakes wasn't enough) so we had a dozen doughnuts to represent a dozen years together

+ We toasted each other over a lavender lemonade

+ Our wedding colors were revamped in modern way by pulling in an airy palette of peaches 'n cream, caramel, gold + greige then paired them with our originals which were amethyst + silver

+ Just like our wedding day, I wore something old + new + borrowed + blue and my man sported his spiffy bow tie 

And lastly, I would like to offer a big heartfelt THANKS to...

my amazing sister for all that she did to help me get ready for the shoot - I couldn't have done it without her

the wonderful team of vendors who so graciously shared their time and talents with us

and Jen of Green Wedding Shoes for featuring our shoot on her blog today.  You can check out the feature HERE

Come back soon for Part 2 of the shoot!

Photography - Jeanna of "YOUR DAY IN A NEW WAY"
Graphic Design + Photo Styling - SHE PAPERIE + design boutique
Make Up & Hair - Your Beauty Call
Floral Design - Kylee Rowe
Cakes - Krissy Richards
Balloon - Shop Sweet Lulu 
Shoe Vinyl - Kittens & Gumdrops
Chivari Chairs - Sit On This


Emily Ku said...

These are so stinkin' cute! I love the donuts!!

Anonymous said...

love this whole look especially the invitations great job

Rachael - Made From Scratch said...

So so beautiful! x

marta said...

gorgeous. i am LOVING this series, suz. thank you for sharing so many personal bits and details with us. i love the invitation (amazing!) and the cute bowtie on cake. adorable. can't wait to see more.

Christine {Pure Joy Events} said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate 12 years of wedded bliss! Love every detail!

kara said...

Gorgeous! This is all so beautiful. Congratulations on 12 years!

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