Alive and Kickin'

Oh yes, that's right.  I do have a blog.  Life these days has been whizzing by at this crazy 100 mph pace and since I've been on overload mode, blogging had to be moved to the back burner.  Thanks for not giving up on me though!

So with that little disclaimer out of the way, I have been working like a mad woman while my babies nap and sleep at night.  Some of the extra special design projects I've been enraptured in lately include:

+ a stationery suite for a local photographer's styled shoot that will be featured on a wedding blog in the coming weeks (yahoo!)
+ more custom shaped business cards
+ a logo identity suite for a celebrity make up artist
+ more Babymania ensembles
+ a Harley themed baby shower invitation (I went hog wild on this one!)
+ a custom birth announcement inspired by the one I designed for my twins
+ 2 custom wedding invitation ensembles that I am REALLY excited about
+ and a few weeks ago I decided to style a shoot in honor of our 12 year wedding anniversary we celebrated earlier this month.  The shoot took place this past weekend (in 40 mph winds I might add!) and included numerous sweet details that make my heart go pitter patter.

See what I mean?  No time for blogging.

And since a post is always better when accompanied by an image, I love this simple quote and the hand painted font too!


Until next time, have a wonderful Wednesday!


Tommy said...

Hang in there. :) It sounds like things are busy but going very well. I can't wait to hear and see more.

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