Hip + Dipped

I'm still loving this dipping in paint trend going on right now.  I instantly fell in love with dipped utensils when my pal Jeanna shared them with me a few months back.  I recently purchased some utensils to experiment with and plan to use them at the twin's 2nd birthday if all goes as planned (fingers crossed).

Has anyone attempted this DIY project yet?

{ image sources: utensils + baskets + bowls + chairs + stools }


The Elephant of Surprise said...

What a fun idea! And what a BEAUTIFUL blog you have here! Thanks for stopping by The Elephant of Surprise and following! I am honored. Seriously.

Rachael - Made From Scratch said...

Oh I've BIG planes for 'dipping' various pieces around the house. I love all the dipped cutlery, and bamboo utensils. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your gorgeous kiddies party! xx

Brooke Ashley Photography said...

I've thought about doing this.. love the idea so much. The chair legs, yes!

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