Custom Moving Announcements

The inspiration for my most recent custom design project came from this set of Anthropologie bowls - rather fitting for a moving announcement don't you think?  I took a cue from these colors, paired it with my idea to throw a variety of vintage keys into the mix along with my client's love for the color gray and the end result was an Anthro inspired moving announcement.

And here's her design hot off the press!  I should also mention that my client loved the look of mixing fonts...ask and ye shall receive.

{ personal info has been modified }

And to top it off, a custom printed envelope to tie everything together.

Design lesson for the day: keep your eyes peeled for inspiration anywhere and everywhere.  Zero in on things that you're drawn to whether it be a pretty pattern, the shape of something or a gorgeous color combination,.  Think of ways to reinvent the look you already love and apply it to your medium (ie: incorporate a pattern you love into an invitation, have your business cards shaped like a mirror you're drawn to, pull hues from a color scheme you like and use that as a starting point for your next party...get it?)

And speaking of the word SCHEME, be sure to come back tomorrow so I can introduce you a group of gals that are extra awesome.


Jeanna Hayes said...

You never disappoint! I LOVE THESE!!! You are a genius. Period.

Carolyn said...

Hmmmmmmm....! I might have to order me some here in the next couple weeks! These are super cute Suz!

Brooke said...

I want to move just so I can send these out!!

Rissa said...

oooo la la! can't wait to get these puppies sent out.
grazie mille!

Lauren @ the BADD blog said...

I could have used these a couple months time for sure! These are gorge!

Mique said...

I absolutely love the colors and the design! So fantastic!

Doreen said...

Your work is truly beautiful. I love your color combos! Visiting from MSG and now your new follower :)

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Love those dishes! Great color palette!
thumbs up!
happy crafting,

marta said...

suz, i absolutely love these. i'd love something similar to this; we signed the papers today!! we finally have a home. let me know your prices. xo.

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